E-mail update

If you can login to i-contacts using your old e-mail address and password, then the easiest thing to do is once logged in, click on the My Account section. On this page there is a link for view or change my account information, here you are able to save a new email address.

The new email address you save will become your new i-contacts login email, so use the new address when logging in next time. All email communication from i-contacts will be sent to the new email address.

In the event you are unable to login to your account, such as a forgotten password, then please contact us by e-mail or phone so we can change the email address on your account for you.

E-mail forgotten?

If have forgotten your login e-mail address please contact us by e-mail or phone, we can find out your login e-mail or change it to a new e-mail address.

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