i-points FAQ

We love our loyal contact lens customers!
We offer i-points as a way of rewarding you for sticking with us for your future contact lens orders.

  1. What are i-points?
    i-points is a reward program, you earn 5 i-points with each dollar spent. The i-points can be redeemed during the check-out phase to reduce the cost of your order.

  2. How much are my i-points worth?
    1000 i-points is equal to about $4. For many of our regular customers this means i-points effectively cancel out the delivery costs. Not quite free delivery but almost :).

  3. Can I redeem my i-points for cash?
    No, they have no cash value, they can only be used to reduce the cost of an order.

  4. If I forget to use my i-points can I apply them later?
    You must use your i-points at the time of ordering. However if you forget, they will continue to accumulate and you will have more to use next order.

  5. Can I transfer i-points to another account?
    No i-points are not transferable. If you create a new account, i-points in your old account will be lost.

  6. What about international orders?
    i-points cannot be earned or redeemed on any orders sent outside New Zealand.

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