Soflens Multifocal


5 star
I thoroughly LOVE your Bausch & Lomb soflens ! I have had them for YEARS and YEARS and do not want them to ever disappear from the market? I had a check up in Wellington as I felt I needed some new lenses (strength) and was persuaded to use Bausch & Lomb Ultra as the optometrist felt they were better for ones eyes. Well, they have been AWFUL !! I have never had so much trouble with soft contact lenses and my eyes as I have had with these. I wasted money on buying a year's supply of those and simply can not wear them. The optometrist would not take them back either, even though their containers were not opened. I luckily was able to order the multi-focal soflens and I will never budge again from these, no matter what any optometrist says.
Date Added: 07/09/2021 by Anneke W.

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