AO SEPT Hydraglyde Twin Pack

AO SEPT Hydraglyde Twin Pack


AOSept HydraGlyde is one of the most effective contact lens cleaners. The solution contains hydrogen peroxide which is automatically neutralised by a platinum coated disc attached to the inside of the contact lens case. AOSept contact lens cleaner is good for sensitive eyes as no chemicals or preservatives enter the eye. AOSept contact lens cleaner is suitable for all contact lens types including silicon based lenses and hard lenses. AO Sept HydraGlyde can be used in place of the older AO Sept PLUS solution.

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Manufactured by: AlconPackaging: 360mls + 360mlsCost per 100 mls: $10.22 Compare

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by Bob G.
(image for) 5 star
Date Added: 17/05/2024
AOSept Plus with HydraGlyde is a great product and I have used it since it was introduced. Shame that they moved away from the 2x360 ml + 1x90 ml packs though.

by Petra R.
(image for) 4 star
Date Added: 30/07/2023
Although I feel happy with the product, I feel ripped off with the manufacturer's new packaging and content change recently. The value pack used to have 2x 360ml and 1x 90 ml bottles of solution (=810ml). Now it is only 1x360ml and 1x 90ml (=450ml). This is basically only half the content but the price is the same or even more. A price increase of nearly 100%! As a contact lens wearer with allergies against some of the preservatives in other products, I don't really have a choice. A very disappointing price hike!

by Jenny W.
(image for) 5 star
Date Added: 20/05/2023
Great product for sensitive eyes. i-contacts service was quick and efficient yet again, with fantastic value for money.

by Melanie L.
(image for) 4 star
Date Added: 17/01/2023
This is an amazing product. It cleans my contacts like no other. The price through I contacts is fab. Super fast delivery.

by Chris D.
(image for) 5 star
Date Added: 31/12/2022
I prefer this product than others I have used. The system is easy with no fuss.

by Kelly R.
(image for) 5 star
Date Added: 22/11/2022
Such a good product. I have used Oxysept when this went out of stock and was no where near as good as AO Sept.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)

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